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At Coastal Colorectal, we want you to feel well-equipped to make the best decisions about your treatment options. This includes directing you to further resources if and when you need them. If you don’t find the information you require here, please ask us.

Easy Access Endoscopy

We offer straight-to-scope services for both upper and lower GI endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy). We do these at Lingard and Newcastle Private Hospitals, and at Newcastle Endoscopy Centre in Charlestown.

How does it work?

We need the referral from your GP, with the usual information about you – why this investigation is needed, what your background medical issues are, if any, and what medication(s) you are taking.

We then contact you by phone. We will run through a few things with you to make sure it is safe for you to have the procedure, and to decide when and where to do it.

We will then agree a date with you, send you instructions about how to book in, where you get your bowel prep from, how to take it, and we will meet you at the hospital.

Patient benefits

You will save money, as you do not have to pay for a consultation before you have your procedure(s).

You will also save time, as you don’t have to come and see us in our rooms – the clinical booking process is done on the phone, and you book in with the hospital online, or by phone.

Who is not suitable for Easy Access Endoscopy?
  • Patients under 18, and some patients over 75
  • Weight over 140kg, BMI > 40
  • People with significant heart, lung or kidney disease
  • People who will struggle for social support to get to or from the hospital, or who do not have someone who can oversee them the night after the procedure.
I am a GP who wants their patient to have a prompt endoscopy. How do I refer a patient for this service?

There are four ways to refer a patient for Easy Access Endoscopy:

  1. Online – click here to open the form
  2. Give your patient their referral and ask them to call us on (02) 4941 5999
  3. Use Medical Objects to refer to any of us:
    • Dr Louise Clarke – 293201QF
    • Dr Brendan McManus – 288662RX
    • A/Prof Peter Pockney – 440543GK
  4. Email a referral to referrals@coastalcolorectal.com.au
  5. Use HealthLink to refer to any of the surgeons above at ID: ccolorec

We are always happy to discuss any referrals you think might be suitable for Easy Access Endoscopy.

Benefits for GPs

Your patients will get their procedures done quickly and efficiently, usually within 2 weeks of referral. Of course, you will also receive the results promptly, along with a clear plan for follow up.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

If you have been diagnosed with a disorder of the pelvic floor, your surgeon may refer you for further management by these physiotherapists who are specialised in pelvic floor and incontinence problems.

Bowel Prep Information

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